Youtube SHORTS Monetization Strategy To Make $20,000/Mo Without Creating Videos (For FREE)


This is a Youtube SHORTS Monetization Strategy you can apply to start making money with YouTube shorts and YouTube without having to film any videos use your own voice or show your face on camera with software that will do all the work for you. I’ll walk you through this entire YouTube shorts tutorial step by step and you can get started today.

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YouTube in my opinion at the moment is one of the best ways to get started online to make money. It’s a huge opportunity for anyone looking to start an online business.
Now with the introduction of YouTube shorts, it’s getting bigger and bigger and you should definitely get started ASAP. One of the biggest questions is how to monetize YouTube shorts and also how can you use YouTube Shorts to build a channel get the subs and grow a following.
In this video that’s exactly what I am going to show you how to do by leveraging YouTube shorts, then creating longer videos and doubling down with affiliate marketing. All this while not having to create your own videos using Invideo that will create all the videos for you.
This is perfect for beginners and what I absolutely love about Invideo is that you can do all this for free. Make sure you watch this entire video and sign up to Invideo using my link above and start creating these videos today and follow the instructions in the video for promoting your content.

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