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Writing Articles For Money:


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In todays video I have reviewed a site that can give you a heap of work writing articles for money along with other content. In today’s world with everyone being time poor companies will pay you to type and write content for them.
To make money writing has never been easier and TextBroker is a site that has given this opportunity to 100’s of writers around the world. So if you want to get paid to write, don’t hesitate for one second and get on this site, register, complete the assessment and start earning money today.
What is TextBroker?
Simply put, TextBroker is an online content exchange platform. It was founded in Germany in 2005, and it currently has headquarters in New York City and Las Vegas. TextBroker basically has two areas of focus. One area is for clients who want to purchase articles or content. The other side is meant for writers who want to make money writing the content for these clients.
How Do you Join Textbroker?
It is free to join, with an application process. To get paid to write they require you to submit an article of your choice based on a few topics they issue. This is REALLY important to nail, since you only get one shot at determining your initial “quality rating.” Theoretically, you could get anywhere from a 1 to a 5. However, a 1 cannot get ANY work, and it is extremely rare to get a 5, and it’s even more rare for a client to be willing to pay for a writer with a quality of 5. Once you’re assigned a rating, you can start writing articles for money. You can see what articles are available for your quality rating, and each article gets assessed by the author AND TextBroker staff. This is a double-rating system that ensures you get treated fairly. Every 5 ratings, your quality is re-assessed, making it easy to advance in the ranks and earn more and more money if you’re serious about making money writing. If you get to the 4-star level (fairly easy to do if you’ve written for any length of time) you can expect to be earning a little less than 2 cents a word, which adds up very quickly.
How Does TextBroker Pay and When?
Like a lot of freelance writing sites, TextBroker is only willing to pay through PayPal. You get paid once you have earned $10 and they pay at the start of every business week. So there you have it guys if you are serious about writing from home and you want to earn money writing and get paid writing articles for money please check out this site.

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