Transcription Jobs to work from home


Transcription Jobs:

In Today’s Video I will show you 6 sites that offer work from home Transcription Jobs.

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WHAT IS A TRANSCRIPTIONIST? – A Transcriptionist listens to audio or Audio-Video recording and transcribes or types the dictation using a word processing program. Basically, you type up what you hear and you get paid $$$ for it.
I have personally researched these 6 sites and if you are looking to become a transcriptionist and earn really good money I highly recommend watching this video as it will help you. All these sites will teach you how to become a transcriptionist and advise you on what you need to get started. The more you work and the better you get the more you will earn and get offered better transcription jobs such as Medical transcription services that pay a lot more money. All these sites also offer transcription jobs for beginners so don’t be afraid to apply as they all provide training.
The first site is 1888typeitup – Transcription Jobs only open to US residents and they hire both experienced and beginner transcriptionists. They pay between $18-$36 per hour twice a month pay via PayPal. They will also teach you how to become a transcriptionist and they offer a heap of transcription Jobs.
The second site is, babbletype – They have positions available globally and No Experience Necessary. Pay is per audio minute .40 to $1.00. This depends on the level of difficulty. You will get paid weekly via PayPal.
The third site is, transcribeme – Transcription Jobs available globally and typically pays $20 per audio hour. Little to no experience is required. You will be paid via PayPal. Some of there Transcriptionists earn $2200 monthly.
The fourth site is, scribie – Transcription Jobs available globally and pays $10 per audio hour. Little to No Experience is Needed. Pays via PayPal once your work is reviewed.
The fifth site is, dailytranscription – This company provides legal, corporate and entertainment transcription jobs. They do not always have work but they give transcribers 24 hours to complete assignments. The company will hire all level transcribers including beginners.
The sixth site is, gotranscript – A great company that offers various transcription and data entry jobs. You will be considered a freelancer and take advantage of the flexibility. PayPal payments only and you are paid weekly. Both full and part time transcription Jobs are available.
Check out these 6 sites and start your transcribing job today. 

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