How to Make Money With YouTube Shorts Videos and Get Them Monetised FAST! (YouTube Shorts Tutorial)

Do you want to make money with YouTube Shorts? If the answer is yes this YouTube Shorts Tutorial will show you exactly how to use YouTube shorts to monetize your channel step by step both with Ad revenue and affiliate marketing sales.

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In this video, PRESENTER going to show you how to make money with YouTube shorts step by step without creating videos and without showing your face and all that is required is to copy and paste videos to achieve YouTube Shorts monetization with the ad revenue and the strategies outlined in this video and all of this can be done for free.

Step – 1: The first thing I am going to go through is how to do the research to pick a niche you are potentially interested in and how to find videos in that niche.

Step – 2: Then I will take you through all the steps required to put the video together and how to use the same software to create longer videos to get your channel monetized.

Step -3: Then I will show you how to do the keyword research required to get organic views that will ultimately help your channel grow in the long run. What you want to do is find low competition keywords with a high search volume and I’ll show you how to do all that.

Step – 4: Then I will go through and show you how to upload your video and optimize your YouTube Shorts description to make money with your YouTube shorts views and you can do the exact same with your longer videos.

Step – 5: I am going to show you a few ways you make money with your YouTube shorts videos that includes YouTube ad revenue and also where you can get the products to promote these affiliate offers.

Step – 6: All you need to do is repeat the process and upload more and more videos and make even more money with your YouTube short views.


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