How To Make Money With YouTube Shorts By Turning ARTICLES Into YOUTUBE SHORT Videos!

Here’s how to make money with YouTube Shorts by turning articles into both YouTube Shorts Videos and regular Youtube Videos.

I’ll show you how to do this to make money with YouTube Shorts by using one of the best articles to video converter software which has a free pricing plan. It can take a long time to create YouTube videos, especially when starting out which is why I have created this video to show you one of the best tools you can use to get started saving you time and money.

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YouTube in my opinion at the moment is one of the best ways to get started online to make money.
It’s a huge opportunity for anyone looking to start an online business. Now with the introduction of YouTube shorts, it’s getting bigger and bigger and you should definitely get started ASAP.
One of the best ways at the moment to get started on YouTube is with YouTube shorts and software that will help you turn articles into videos. And today I want to show you a software that will help you do that. That software is called InVideo, and you can open an account using my link and get 25% OFF Invideo25%OFF

This software allows you to quickly take an article and to convert it into a video. Basically, it takes an article and creates a rough video draft for you, instantly.

It also contains some built-in footage and images which you can very quickly drag-n-drop to further refine the original draft that InVideo creates for you.

Once i show you how to create the YouTube shorts i’m also going to show you how to create the longer form videos and then how to double down with affiliate marketing by adding links to your videos that can make you $100’s in not $1000’s of dollars per video.

  • Intro to YouTube shorts tutorial
  • Why create YouTube shorts
  • How to access Invideo
  • One of the best YouTube shorts niche to start
  • How to create a YouTube Shorts using InVideo
  • How to create a standard YouTube video using InVideo
  • How to optimise shorts videos to more views
  • How to make money with affiliate links
  • Recap on whats required to start



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