Today I’m showing how to make money on YouTube without making videos yourself and the easiest way to get started. You can do this from any country in the world, and I’m going to show you YouTube channels that make over $50,000 a month doing this and they never show their faces or make any videos.

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About this video ~ Today I’ll show you step by step what it takes to make money on YouTube without making videos. Well, at least without having to be on camera use your own voice or film any content. Basically, the idea is that you can take music that is royalty-free and videos that are royalty-free, and create your own video from them. The niche is in study / relaxing music and these channels do extremely well. You see, YouTube has recently clarified its monetization policy. And now they clearly state, in black and white, that royalty-free and creative commons videos are acceptable, and that you can monetize that content with YouTube ads. I show you this in the video so that it is clear you can get these videos monetized and make money on YouTube even without creating these videos. So today, I’m going to show you the entire process of how to do exactly that. How to find great channel ideas, how to create the videos, and ultimately how to make money on YouTube without filming any content yourself by using clips and videos and music that is already available out there, with some modifications.


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